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Wal­lets Marts Cas­tle Dou­glas Lim­ited sold 136 store cat­tle and 19 OTM cat­tle at their fort­nightly sale on Mon­day.

Store cat­tle were once again good to sell de­spite be­ing a plainer show through­out. Bul­locks topped at £1025 for a pen of Aberdeen An­gus crosses shown by R G Armstrong & Co, Lang­barns, and to 268.4p per kg for a pen of Charo­lais crosses from D M Mc­Queen & Son, Up­per Barr.

Heifers sold to £900 for Charo­lais crosses from Lochside and to 234.4p for Charo­lais crosses from D M Mc­Queen & Son, Up­per Barr.

Over­all av­er­ages lev­elled at 208.7p for bul­locks and 201p for heifers.

19 OTM cat­tle also met with a strong de­mand top­ping at 157p per kg for an AAX cow from Park ofTong­land and to £1130.72 for a BBX cow fromTrolan­e.

Over­age bul­locks made to 150p per kg for a Here­ford from Auch­tralure. Over­all av­er­age was 139.08p per kg. Lead­ing prices Steers – An­gus: £1025, £910 Lang­barns. Gal­loway: £870 Lochside. Li­mousin: £940 Lochside; £930 Graplin.

Shorthorn: £970 Lochside. Sim­men­tal: £950 Drum­neil; £935 Park ofTong­land. Charo­lais: £970 Lochside; £875 Drum­neil.

Heifers – An­gus: £830 Park of Tong­land. Saler: £820 Garpel. Li­mousin: £780 Lochside; £760 Park of Tong­land; £710 Auch­tralure. Sim­men­tal: £880 Larg of Bar­gren­nan; £830 Park ofTong­land. Charo­lais: £900 Lochside; £820 Drum­neil. OTM Cows – Bri­tish Blue: £1130.72, £1111.36, £1106.82Trolane. An­gus: £1053.36 Castle­hill; £975.28 Glen­sone; £901.18 Park ofTong­land.

Shorthorn: £917 Mar­grie. Li­mousin: £1096.46 Comp­sto­nend. Sim­men­tal: £856.80 Drumhumphr­y; £854.84 Mill of Plun­ton.

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