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Bravery awards for officers who tackled suspect


- By ALEX O’LEARY @alex_oleary_

TWO courageous police officers who were assaulted by a violent suspect while trying to protect the public have won a Cleveland Police Federation Bravery Award.

Detective Constable Carl Brayfield happened to drive past the scene of an incident in Middlesbro­ugh, where a lone officer was responding to a man being violent.

The suspect, who ran up a narrow set of stairs to an upstairs flat, was followed by the officer at the scene, who attempted to get him under control.

DC Brayfield raced to help his colleague, who gave the suspect multiple warnings before firing his Taser.

After a misfire, the officer was kicked and DC Brayfield managed to catch him – but was suddenly struck over the head with a drawer.

Recalling the events, he said: “The suspect was being aggressive straight away with my colleague.

“After giving multiple warnings to the suspect, he Tasered him, but [it] didn’t connect and my colleague ended up getting kicked; he started going backward. I managed to catch him and pull him forwards.

“As I was doing that, the suspect took the opportunit­y to strike me over the head with a drawer that had a metal bottom on it. I didn’t notice the blood straight away. But then we got the man on the floor, got him in a hold and my face was just pouring blood.”

The suspect continued to fight the PC, who called for assistance.

The suspect needed further physical restraint and was PAVA sprayed before being detained, while DC Brayfield was taken to hospital. There he received stitches on the 4cm laceration on his head.

Cleveland Police federation chair Stephen Williams-Reader said: “Once again this incident shows how police officers confront danger when others might turn the other way.

“The officers displayed great courage and personal resilience. The PC took prompt action in attempting to get the suspect under control, while Carl displayed exemplary support to his colleague, preventing his colleague from injury despite getting injured himself.

“Their actions were in the best interests of the people of Cleveland and truly demonstrat­e the values of Cleveland Police officers.”

DC Brayfield will attend the firstever Cleveland Police Federation Bravery Awards next Thursday.

At the event, a winner will be announced who will travel to London for the National Police Federation Bravery Awards in July.

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DC Carl Brayfield

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