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Fjällräven Barents Pro Trousers


£135 560g

comfort, durability slower drying, lack of back pocket Material: G1000 – 65% polyester, 35% cotton Fabric treatment: none (Greenland wax can be added) Sizes: 42-60, uncut leg Women’s version: yes

Fjällräven’s proprietar­y G1000 fabric is well deployed in the Barents, a super-durable mix of polyester and cotton that is exceptiona­lly abrasion-, dirt- and wind-resistant. That same fabric is double layered over the knees and the seat, and there’s even the facility to use knee pads. Due to the cotton component in the densely woven G1000, the trousers are heavier and slower to dry than the competitio­n; but, by the same token, they’re very hard-wearing.

The Barents’ leg is supplied in a single, uncut length, so you’ll need basic ability with a needle and thread to finish them. The advantage of this is a leg length bespoke to you: a good option if you are either very tall or very short. There’s a multitude of useful pockets, some gusseted, for maps, snacks and phones. I’m less keen on the lack of back pockets, and the lack of fasteners on the hip pockets – although it should be said these are very deep and I’ve yet to shed anything from them. The waist is finished traditiona­lly with belt loops, but a belt is not supplied.

I probably wear the Barents more than any other trouser here – the shorts in summer and these, full-length trousers the rest of the year. They are equal parts comfortabl­e and indestruct­ible, but for me their use tends to be more off the hill than on; for daily forest walks, wood and campcraft. That’s down to the thicker, slower-drying fabric, my tendency to run very hot whilst active, and the untailored leg, which I’ve found less well suited to high mountain use unless I’m wearing full gaiters (which I don’t do outside of winter). For those who prefer the durability and protection of the G1000 fabric with a more tailored leg, look to Vidda trousers, which are otherwise identical to the Barents. It’s worth trying both in store, to see which works better for you.

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