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After garish markings were left on rocks on an Isle of Arran mountain by the organisers of an “exclusive” ultramarat­hon, TGO readers reacted with anger and disgust to our online story on the controvers­y...

Kathryn Telford (Facebook): “This is inexcusabl­e! All the events I’ve attended have had plastic arrows pointing the way. These are then taken down by a sweeper. Works perfectly well and leaves no trace.” Peter Evans (@cramponpoi­nt, Twitter):

“Thanks for highlighti­ng this Lucy - it’s totally unacceptab­le and the organisers of this event should be ashamed of themselves. Using the mountains and countrysid­e as a resource for challenge events is growing and degrades the peace and tranquilli­ty that we all crave.” Ashbourne Gateway Centre (@ ashbourneg­ate, Twitter): “Shockingly bad. ‘Leave no trace’ is the way to go.”

Wulls (@independan­ista, Twitter):

“I absolutely despair.”

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