The Great Outdoors (UK)

The gear that has gone the distance


I have been supported on all my journeys by outdoor gear brand Montane, which has proved to be a perfect fit for my fast-andlight style of travel. After 4500 kilometres of fastpackin­g, these items have come to be my favourites.


Fastpackin­g demands a waterproof which protects you from the elements, but is also breathable enough to work hard in. I took the excellent

Fleet jacket on a few of these runs, which was since been replaced by the lightweigh­t, waterproof but supremely breathable Spine jacket, especially designed for runners.


The first pack designed for fastpackin­g, the Trailblaze­r is a gamechange­r. Lightweigh­t and efficient, it features a customisab­le fit to contour perfectly to your body.


For each of these journeys, I never took a spare set of clothes. I wore the same shirt every day, with the longest runs taking 25 days. I needed a shirt that could withstand the rubbing of a backpack, and also protect itself against my days of marathon sweat. I’m convinced the Dart is invincible!

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