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High Route 3000 1 flysheet


I recommende­d this tent complete with inner in my solo tents review earlier this year, though I felt the porches were too small. That’s solved by replacing the inner with a groundshee­t as I did on this trip. Used like this there’s ample room for gear storage and cooking under cover, though I didn’t need to do that. I still liked the extra room inside anyway. I didn’t save much weight by leaving the inner behind as my groundshee­t weighed 240 grams. I do have lighter ones that I would take on longer trips.

The High Route is an unusual asymmetric shape and getting it pitched tautly does take a little practice. I fussed about repegging corners a few times. Initially it was windy and the big end panels did move a fair bit, though not noisily. I don’t think it would have stood up to the much stronger winds above the forest very well. For fairly sheltered sites I think the High Route outer plus a groundshee­t works okay and is a better choice than the complete tent.

The Great Outdoors

July 2022

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