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VerticalX SuperStran­d LT Hoody


Another new garment on its first outing, this light insulated jacket didn’t get much of a test due to the warmer-than -expected weather, though I was glad of it in camp. Its new 85% recycled synthetic insulation mimics down clusters. It feels very soft and compressib­le, and the jacket is comfy to wear. The insulation forms a lattice structure, so it keeps its shape.

A windproof outer with distinctiv­e quilting reduces the amount of stitching needed and is said to make it easier to compress the jacket. The design is fairly standard. There are handwarmer pockets that would be cut off by a hipbelt, and a non-adjustable hood that probably wouldn’t stay on in a strong wind.

The weight is low and the comfort and warmth high. I’m looking forward to giving it a more thorough test, but in the meantime I’m happy to recommend it.

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