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Black Diamond

Spot R 400 headlamp


This year Black Diamond has launched four new headlamps with rechargeab­le batteries, the R series. The Spot R 400 is the one of the more powerful models whilst being light and compact. You can’t use standard batteries so on any long trip a battery pack is needed for recharging the headlamp. I carry one anyway for my phone and other items. Surprising­ly the recharging port is for micro-USB and not for the more modern USB-C. I prefer the latter as its symmetrica­l, so the cable goes into the port whichever side is up, which is useful in the dark. With micro-USB the cable only fits one way round.

The Spot R 400 is well-designed. I like the large button, which is easy to use in the dark, and I like being able to adjust the brightness simply by holding the button down rather than having to go through a sequence of presses. Being able to lock the button so the headlamp can’t be switched on accidental­ly is good too.

On this trip the Spot R was fine for camp use. I didn’t need it for walking so never even had it on half power. I reckon for night walking it will be fine. It’s a good, technical, yet simple-to-use headlamp.

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