Sup­plì and de­mand

The Ro­man ver­sion of arancini – sup­plì alla ro­mana – are rice­balls en­riched with cooked pork and chicken liv­ers, coated in a pecorino crumb, and hide a de­li­cious sur­prise

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shat­ter to re­veal the sur­prise fill­ing.

The process of pre­par­ing sup­plì is rather like mak­ing a risotto. First the sof­fritto – re­mem­ber you are lay­ing foun­da­tions – then meat, rice and wine, which should whoosh in the pan, be­fore adding al­ter­nat­ing la­dles of broth and tomato sauce. Tra­di­tion­ally, this mix­ture was spread out on a work surface and the en­rich­ing egg and cheese mixed in. You must wait be­fore shap­ing. By the third sup­plì, you will have the knack of hid­ing the moz­zarella and then mould­ing the rice un­til it looks like an elon­gated egg. Be firm.

I have no fear of fry­ing, door open, beer open and hair in a shower cap. You want a few inches of oil at 175C/350F or, for those of us who can’t find the ther­mome­ter, when a cube of bread dances around and takes 30 sec­onds to turn golden. Marco sug­gests fry­ing in two stages: 3 min­utes, out for 45 sec­onds to rest, and then a fi­nal 45 sec­onds back in the oil. Blot and eat while the sup­plì are still as hot as you can bear, pos­si­bly stand­ing around the stove, mak­ing sure you stretch the moz­zarella as far as you can.

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