Pump­kin ravi­oli

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You will need a pasta rolling ma­chine. Roll the pasta as thin as you can.

Serves 4 For the fill­ing

1kg pump­kin or but­ter­nut squash, peeled and sliced 300g ri­cotta 80g parme­san 4 amaretti bis­cuits Salt and black pep­per A grat­ing of nut­meg

For the pasta

400g 00 flour 4 eggs

For the sauce

10 sage leaves, finely chopped

150g but­ter

1 Make the fill­ing by roast­ing the pump­kin or squash un­til soft and ever so slightly caramelised. Mash with the ri­cotta, parme­san, crushed amaretti, salt, pep­per and nut­meg

2 On a clean work sur­face, make a moun­tain of the flour, then make a wide cen­tral crater. Break the eggs into the crater, use a fork to whisk them and then start mix­ing the flour into the egg. Once half the flour is mixed in, use your hands to bring ev­ery­thing into a rough ball. Knead the dough us­ing the ball of your hand, ro­tat­ing as you go un­til the dough is smooth and soft as a baby’s bum – about 8 min­utes but maybe more. Let the dough rest for 30 min­utes un­der a bowl.

3 Cut the dough into 4 pieces. Set the pasta ma­chine to the widest set­ting, pat one quar­ter into a flat patty and pass through the ma­chine, twice, then lay on a floured board, rub­bing the sheet with flour. Do the same with the other three quar­ters. Re­duce the set­ting by one, and pass all four sheets through again. Re­peat un­til you have passed all four sheets through all set­tings. You want sheets 10cm wide and a man­age­able length so cut them if nec­es­sary.

4 On a work sur­face dusted lightly with flour, lay out the pasta sheets. Us­ing a tea­spoon, put acorn-sized mounds of the fill­ing mix­ture at 3½cm in­ter­vals un­til you have cov­ered half of each strip of pasta. Fold the other half of the pasta sheet over to cover the heaps of fill­ing and then firmly press your fin­ger­tips be­tween and around the mounds to seal them. Cut the ravi­oli apart with a wheeled cut­ter, then put them on a clean tea towel or flour-dusted tray, mak­ing sure they don’t touch each other or they will stick.

5 To cook the ravi­oli, bring a large pan of wa­ter to the boil, add the salt, stir and then care­fully drop the ravi­oli into the pan a few at a time. De­pend­ing on the thick­ness, ravi­oli takes any­thing from 4–6 min­utes. Test for done­ness by eye, pinch­ing the edge of the pasta and tast­ing. Don’t leave it unat­tended.

6 While the pasta is cook­ing, melt the but­ter in a small saucepan or fry­ing pan over a low heat. In­crease the heat and add the sage leaves and al­low to sizzle gen­tly. Pour over the ravi­oli.

Cook’s tip The se­cret to these ravi­oli is rolling the pasta as thin as you can, and then eas­ing the air from each pil­low as you would from a hot wa­ter bot­tle.

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