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A cold snap in Rome has given the broc­coli frost­bite, but it’s still per­fect for the pot. Tossed into some pasta and sausage meat, it makes a savoury bowl­ful cer­tain to please

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I have writ­ten about pasta e broc­coli be­fore, and it re­mains one of my most trusted and de­pend­able dishes – (al­most) every­one likes it. To­day’s recipe is a vari­a­tion, one that would have pleased my one-time flat­mate, whose an­swer to ev­ery savoury culi­nary dilemma was “put a sausage and a glass of wine in it”. He took this to an ex­treme, but it is ac­tu­ally a good bit of ad­vice – many stews, ra­gus, sauces and peo­ple ben­e­fit from a crum­bled sausage and glass of wine.

For pasta, broc­coli and sausages, it is im­por­tant you cook the broc­coli un­til ten­der – pos­si­bly over­cooked by some peo­ple’s stan­dards – the rea­son be­ing that you want it to trans­form from bouncy and re­sis­tant to ten­der and silky, the buds soft enough to col­lapse into the oil and cre­ate a sort of sauce. The food writer Lau­rie Col­win’s ad­vice is ap­pro­pri­ate here, the broc­coli “should give, not fight back”.

Hav­ing boiled the broc­coli and lifted it from the pan with a slot­ted spoon – keep­ing the green-tinted wa­ter for the pasta – you fry some gar­lic and chilli gen­tly in lots of ex­tra vir­gin olive oil. Al­ter­na­tively, you could use guan­ciale

Bring a large pan of wa­ter to the boil, add salt, stir and then add the broc­coli and cook un­til ten­der. Lift the flo­rets from the wa­ter and set aside. Keep the cook­ing wa­ter for the pasta.

In a large fry­ing pan, warm the olive oil or guan­ciale over a medium-low flame and gen­tly fry the chilli and gar­lic – peeled and crushed for a mild flavour, chopped for stronger flavour – un­til fra­grant. At this point, you can dis­card the gar­lic if you want.

Crum­ble the sausage meat into the pan and stir un­til the meat is brown all over. Add the wine, raise the heat and let the pan bub­ble for few min­utes un­til the wine has evap­o­rated away. Add the cooked broc­coli and stir.

Mean­while, bring the wa­ter back to the boil, add the pasta and cook un­til al dente. Us­ing a slot­ted spoon, lift the cooked pasta, and the resid­ual wa­ter that clings to it, into the fry­ing pan. Add the cheese and stir again then serve, pass­ing round more grated cheese for those who want it.

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