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A juicy wa­ter­melon is a joy in sum­mer: thirst-quench­ing, sweet and cool­ing. Its shape and colour are an emoji for hot weather and good times. Shops in my lo­cal high street dis­play dozens of these green, tiger-printed fruits, some cut into gi­nor­mous wedges, all jolly-rancherred and flecked with black pips. They reach as­tro­nom­i­cal sizes, com­monly weigh­ing in at more than 6kg, the size of a small Space Hop­per, although much less bouncy.

Once cut, wa­ter­melon keeps for just a few days in the fridge, but luck­ily it’s about much more than just eat­ing as is: mix cubes of flesh with feta and mint to make an un­usual salad; blend with lime juice for a re­vi­tal­is­ing drink (and add a touch of vodka, if it’s that time of day).

The rind is usu­ally dis­carded, but it’s a won­der­ful in­gre­di­ent in its own right. In fact, it’s the star of my new favourite pickle: a sweet-sour condiment that goes with all sorts – it’s mind­blow­ing in a ched­dar sand­wich, spooned be­side a curry or used to top tacos.

Pick­led wa­ter­melon rind

Take 400g wa­ter­melon rind with a lit­tle flesh still at­tached, peel off the hard skin and cut into 3cm pieces. Put 275ml water, 100ml vine­gar, a tea­spoon of red pep­per flakes, four tea­spoons of salt and 100g su­gar in a saucepan, bring to a boil, add the rind, re­turn to a boil and turn off the heat. Fill a clean jam jar with the pick­led wa­ter­melon and juice, top with a few slices of green chilli and screw on the lid. They’re ready to eat once cooled, and will keep in the fridge for a month or longer.

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