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This needs an equally clas­sic wine – white bur­gundy. Spoil your­self with the gor­geous Christophe Camu Ch­ablis 2017 (£17.25 Yapp Broth­ers, 12%). FB

bit part in com­par­i­son, which feels like a shame.

As Munchies proves, you don’t need much more than a light sprin­kle of cheese to top these (Bare­ham and Hop­kin­son reckon that this is “one of those rare oc­ca­sions… where the com­bi­na­tion of cheese with fish is, per­haps, no bad thing”), but even nicer, we think, are the crunchy bread­crumbs favoured by Elizabeth David, Child and the French Masterchefs – the first notes in French Pro­vin­cial Cook­ing that, “a scrap of finely chopped gar­lic … and a lit­tle pars­ley can be mixed in”, too. This sug­gests to me the vivid green crumbs of­ten also found on oys­ters Rock­e­feller – the ideal show­stop­per for the Christ­mas ta­ble. Parme­san is

op­tional – I don’t think it’s needed, but, in the spirit of the sea­son, I shan’t judge you for dis­agree­ing.

Ask the fish­mon­ger to clean the scal­lops for you, leav­ing you just the shells, white flesh and orange co­rals (or do it your­self with a sharp knife: gen­tly de­tach the scal­lops from their shells, then pull off and dis­card the frill and black stom­ach sack). Save the co­rals for an­other use – I like them on toast – and set aside the deeper half-shell for later.

Melt a ta­ble­spoon of the but­ter in a small pan over a medium-low heat, then add the shal­lots and sweat un­til soft – about seven min­utes. Add the wine, bring to a sim­mer, then add the scal­lop meat and cook for a minute, turn­ing once half­way, scoop out and set aside. Pour the sauce into the half­shells, add the poached scal­lops, then top with pars­ley bread­crumbs Prep Cook Makes 5 min 15-20 min 6

6 large dive-caught scal­lops, on the shell, cleaned

2 tbsp but­ter 2 banana shal­lots or 4 round ones, peeled and finely chopped

150ml white wine 5 tbsp dou­ble cream

For the top­ping 2 tbsp but­ter

1 small gar­lic clove, peeled and flat­tened 10 tbsp dried bread­crumbs

6 tbsp finely chopped pars­ley

Sim­mer the wine un­til it’s al­most com­pletely evap­o­rated, take off the heat, stir in the cream and sea­son.

Mean­while, put the re­main­ing but­ter in a small pan with the gar­lic clove on a low heat and, when melted, lift out and dis­card the gar­lic. Whizz to­gether the pars­ley and bread­crumbs in a food pro­ces­sor un­til green (or chop them to­gether with a sharp knife), then stir in the but­ter and sea­son to taste.

Heat the grill to medium-high. Di­vide the creamy shal­lots be­tween the six re­served half-shells, and put the scal­lops on top, fol­lowed by the bread­crumbs. Grill for about three min­utes, un­til golden and bub­bling, and serve at once.

The Guardian aims to pub­lish recipes for fish rated as sus­tain­able by the Ma­rine Con­ser­va­tion So­ci­ety’s Good Fish Guide. Grill the scal­lops for about three min­utes, un­til golden and bub­bling, then serve at once

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