Grand­mother’s steps lead to the Grau­niad

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I am as ap­palled as the other artists about the philis­tine ta­boo on cre­ative sub­jects in the new English bac­calau­re­ate (Let­ters, 10 May). As Wil­liam Blake pointed out, “Na­tions are de­stroy’d or flourish, in pro­por­tion as their Po­etry, Paint­ing, and Mu­sic are de­stroy’d or flourish.”

Michael Horovitz


The arts and pro­pa­ganda have been neatly con­joined. Dur­ing the height of Amer­i­can Ab­stract Ex­pres­sion­ism its ex­hi­bi­tions were funded for about 20 years by the CIA as ev­i­dence of the US’s free­dom of ex­pres­sion com­pared with the tightly con­stricted so­cial re­al­ism of the USSR. Ironic that many of the artists whose work was sup­ported were ex-com­mu­nists.

David Cock­ayne

Lymm, Cheshire

The Gren­fell Tower in­quiry panel is now to be widened in a re­sponse to con­cerns over Moore-Bick’s abil­ity to re­late to the sur­vivors (Opin­ion, 11 May). Weren’t iden­ti­cal con­cerns ex­pressed about Wil­liam Macpher­son when he was ap­pointed to lead the Stephen Lawrence in­quiry?

Michael Woodgate


If Pro­fes­sor Pääbo and his

Leipzig team (Re­port, 12 May) want to know what dif­fer­en­ti­ated the brains of Homo sapi­ens from our ex­tinct Ne­an­derthal cousins they might do worse than read Wil­liam Golding’s The In­her­i­tors (1955). We, of course, are The In­her­i­tors.

Richard Gravil

Pen­rith, Cum­bria

While writ­ing “grand­mother” I got to “gra” and au­to­cor­rect sug­gested “Grau­niad” (Let­ters, 11 May).

Ken­neth Atkin

Rich­mond, Sur­rey Twit­ter: @gdncoun­try­di­ary

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