‘Af­ter skat­ing at the Olympics, I ate ev­ery cheeseburger go­ing’

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Adam Rip­pon, 28, Olympic fig­ure skater and TV host

Sleep I’m so busy at the mo­ment that I al­ter­nate be­tween get­ting a full night’s sleep and get­ting one to two hours. I’ve re­alised that you can still get a lot done on very lit­tle sleep, but you do feel as if you’re melt­ing. Be­fore bed, I wash my face and ap­ply lo­tion, usu­ally some­thing from a goody bag. I just pack it on and hope for the best. I have a big prob­lem with scrolling be­fore bed, so I try to charge my phone on the other side of the room. Oth­er­wise, I’ll start Googling to see if a mole on my arm could be can­cer and end up watch­ing some­one re­view­ing a heated blan­ket, not know­ing how or why I got there.

Eat When I was train­ing, I had to eat su­per-clean – a lot of chicken and veg­eta­bles. Straight af­ter the Olympics, I re­belled and ate ev­ery cheeseburger I could get my hands on. I had to get my shit to­gether af­ter I saw one or two videos of my­self where I thought, “Oh, she’s get­ting big.” Now, if I’m at home in LA, I try to take a healthy packed lunch, like a chicken cae­sar salad. I just feel bet­ter, and look bet­ter: it’s bet­ter for every­body.

Work As an ath­lete, I was very reg­i­mented, but at the mo­ment ev­ery day brings some­thing dif­fer­ent. It’s helped me be­come more adapt­able, though I look for­ward to a time when I go to work in the same place ev­ery day. Hope­fully, I’ll make tons of money, and still have time to go to the gym. Even be­fore I was recog­nis­able, I al­ways felt fa­mous. I’ve al­ways tried to live like a su­per­star.

Fam­ily I’m the el­dest of six and I’m very close to my mother and sib­lings. We have a group text thread that is great for keep­ing in touch – and teas­ing each other. When­ever I have a spray tan, I end up a to­tally dif­fer­ent colour from the rest of them and they tell me I’m adopted.

Fun I’m usu­ally work­ing seven days a week, at least six. When I have a day off, my pre­ferred way to re­lax is to lie on the couch com­pletely mo­tion­less and emo­tion­less. I love Reese With­er­spoon, so I might watch Legally Blonde, which I’ve seen seven times. We were on the same talk­show once, which was serendip­i­tous. We shared a mu­tual ad­mi­ra­tion

Adam Rip­pon was the win­ner of the At­ti­tude mag­a­zine sport award 2018. In­ter­view by Joe Stone

Adam Rip­pon

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