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1 Hav­ing heard a ra­dio pre­sen­ter sign off by say­ing “We’ve ran out of time” Pedan­ti­cus prowled the cor­ri­dors of the flat growl­ing; so I was care­ful to dis­tract him dur­ing a pro­gramme in which quite learned folk said not only “zoo-ol­ogy” but – O hor­ror hor­ro­rum! – “a bac­te­ria”. Why might hear­ing this have driven him over the edge?

2 On BBC Ra­dio 4 I men­tioned David Sing­mas­ter’s pen­cil bear­ing a trun­cat­able prime – a prime num­ber such that as you strike off dig­its one at a time from one end, the num­ber you are left with is also a prime. There are left-trun­cat­able primes, such as 9137 (as 9137, 137, 37 and 7 are all prime) and right-trun­cat­able primes like 7193 (7193, 719, 71 and 7 are all primes). Now do you sup­pose the prime on David’s pen­cil is left­trun­cat­able – or right-trun­cat­able?

3 If you mul­ti­ply 4321 by this 4-digit num­ber the an­swer you get ends in its re­verse, ie 1234. That’s to say: 4321 X **** = ****1234. What is the 4-digit num­ber? Twit­ter: @ChrisMasla­nka



Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tions for each:


a) part of a sun­dial b) pithy maxim c) town in Alaska d) the known world

NACARAT a) orange-red colour b) species of bird with per­cus­sive call c) board game d) card game


Iden­tify this word in which each as­ter­isk rep­re­sents a miss­ing let­ter:


Same Dif­fer­ence

Iden­tify these two words, the spell­ing of which dif­fers only in the let­ters shown:

B****** (bless­ing) V****** (game)


Game – and two sorts of ba­con (10)

Miss­ing Links

Find a word that fol­lows the first word in the clue and pre­cedes the se­cond, in each case mak­ing a fresh word or phrase. For ex­am­ple the an­swer to fish mix could be cake (fish­cake & cake mix) and to bat man it could be he (bathe & he- man) ... a) moons driver b) gang registry c) farm arm d) moun­tain finder e) bombs hound f) rub­bish toe

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