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1 “It would be wrong to raise the is­sue of Ger­man repa­ra­tions dur­ing the cur­rent eco­nomic cri­sis or it would look as if Greece was look­ing for an al­ibi,” opined a ra­dio spokesper­son. Pedan­ti­cus crushed his re­ceiver with a sledge­ham­mer. Why?

2 An equi­lat­eral tri­an­gle can be made by cut­ting two iden­ti­cal hexagons into three big iden­ti­cal pieces. Now per­form the same feat by cut­ting them in­stead into two iden­ti­cal big pieces and four iden­ti­cal small pieces.

3 Three glasses were each sup­posed to con­tain the same amount. I poured a half of the first glass into the sec­ond, then a third of the sec­ond into the third and fi­nally a quar­ter of the third back into the first. Now they each con­tained 12ccs. How much did they start out with?

4 In the foot­ball re­sults all home teams scored four goals and all away teams scored only one con­so­la­tion goal – apart from just one away team, which man­aged to equalise in their fix­ture with four goals. With what pithy phrase was this sum­marised in the head­line? 5 The first mul­ti­plica­tive magic num­ber is 6, since 1 x 2 x 3 = 6. N is magic if and only if the prod­uct of all its fac­tors smaller than it­self equals N. Prove that the num­ber of mul­ti­plica­tively magic num­bers is in­fi­nite. Twit­ter: @ChrisMaslanka

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