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1 Unity knows that the min­i­mum value of the quan­tity x + 1/x (where x is pos­i­tive; i.e. x 0) is 2, which oc­curs when x = 1. She can prove it, too. What about the quan­tity 4/x + x? What about p2/x + x? And p/x + x? No cal­cu­lus or trigonom­e­try please!

2 Out here in Ar­bi­traria, there is a Mi­nus Strike on and the use of mi­nus signs is not al­lowed. Can you re­write:

(pq – rs)2 + (ps + qr)2 with­out the use of any mi­nus signs? Can you do it with just 2 plus signs?

3 Word­pool

Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion for the fol­low­ing: FALANOUC a) car­niv­o­rous mon­goose of

Mada­gas­car b) species of desert fox c) vil­lage chief d) nippy lit­tle sail­ing


4 Same Dif­fer­ence Iden­tify the two words that dif­fer only in the let­ters shown:

***** ex­alt

P ***** ex­tol

5 Miss­ing Links

Find a word that fol­lows the first word in the clue and pre­cedes the sec­ond, in each case mak­ing a fresh word or phrase. E.g. the an­swer to fish mix could be cake (fish­cake & cake mix) and to bat man it could be he (bathe & he-man) a) lips box b) dead dancer c) sin­gle trader d) ceil­ing wa­ter e) ta­ble se­cret f ) al­mond choco­late

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