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1 Andy had writ­ten down a num­ber for home­work wrongly. “It’s all cor­rect ex­cept you have just left the last digit off !” opined Candy. Andy blinked at the num­ber. Here it is with the miss­ing digit rep­re­sented by an as­ter­isk: 348678440*

“Hur­rah,” he cried. “I can’t do my home­work.” “You can,” replied Candy. “You just need to fig­ure out what digit you left off.” Which digit was it?

2 Word­pool Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion: MINIUM a) small printer’s mark b) brief hes­i­ta­tion c) nat­u­rally-oc­cur­ring form of (red) lead tetrox­ide d) du­ra­tion of a minim

3 E pluribus unum Re­ar­range the let­ters of CHER­ISHED KNAVE to make a sin­gle word

4 Same Dif­fer­ence Iden­tify the two words the spell­ing of which dif­fers only in the let­ters shown ***U* (trea­sure) ***V* (it opens and shuts)

5 Miss­ing Links Find a word that fol­lows the first word in the clue and pre­cedes the sec­ond, in each case mak­ing a fresh word or phrase. E.g. the an­swer to fish mix could be cake (fish­cake &

cake mix) and to bat man it could be he (bathe &

he- man)... a) road joy b) ham­mer nail c) cus­tard chart d) goose­berry proof e) wa­ter­ing can f) go back

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