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1 Pedan­ti­cus read in his jus­ti­fi­ably favourite or­gan of news this head­line: “Ex-Bel­gian king or­dered to give DNA sam­ple for pa­ter­nity test”. I could see some­thing didn’t com­pute as his eyes be­gan to ro­tate in con­trary senses and lit­tle puffs of steam em­anated from his ears. It can’t have been the amorous ad­ven­tures of Al­bert II of Bel­gium that had tripped his switches – what can it have been?


Find the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion: BAIJI a) is­land just off Fiji b) street ven­dor c) func­tion­ally ex­tinct dol­phin of the Yangtze river

d) savoury dough­nut

3 Jum­blies

Re­ar­range the let­ters of GES­TUR­ING to make an­other word.

4 Cryp­tic

It alone can pro­duce joy (7)

5 Miss­ing Links

Find a word that fol­lows the first word in the clue and pre­cedes the sec­ond, in each case mak­ing a fresh word or phrase. Eg, the an­swer to fish mix could be cake (fish­cake and cake mix) and to bat man it could be he (bathe and he- man)... a) part share b) nu­clear dresser c) scar paper d) sugar met e) un­der clock f) good glass

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