The Guardian : 2019-06-12

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Wednesday 12 June 2019 The Guardian • NWatoiorln­dal 18 xRSubssjei­actinxxAxf­xrica Morocco* Main office informatio­n agency ‘AFRICAN DAILY VOICE’ details – in the ‘global projects’ section Morocco Darfur region of Sudan Collection of evidence and preparatio­n of documents for the cancelling of the internatio­nal criminal court arrest warrant for [former] President Omar al-Bashir Legal procedures to scrap UN sanctions against Sudan UN Chad 2 Sociologic­al control of the situation Russia’s African ambitions Close contact with the country’s ruling elite: Chad’s national police; defence ministry; director of the What the document shows Central African Rep 5 Russia – friend: 83% Humanitari­an collaborat­ion Military cooperatio­n Strengthen and train army as a guarantee of security Media projects and press Police training Stabilise political situation Political cooperatio­n Economic projects Replace national assembly representa­tives and foreign minister, who are orientated towards France Rivalry with France Lobbying interests at the UN UN High level of cooperatio­n Low to medium cooperatio­n Assist the building of state institutio­ns Level of cooperatio­n with power structures. Excellent, average, none Own radio station and two print publicatio­ns 2 Dem Rep Congo ‘Khartoum declaratio­n’ - start of real negotiatio­n process between sides in conflict Political consultati­ons Internet campaign around election Meeting to protest against western interferen­ce in elections Meeting to legitimise elections 2 Zambia Sociologic­al control of situation

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