The Guardian : 2019-06-12

World : 19 : 19


Wednesday 12 June 2019 The Guardian • 19 4 Libya Work on measures to stabilise situation Cooperate with [military chief] Khalifa Haftar and [senior politician] xxxxxx Prepare for 2019 elections Sudan 5 Political and economic reforms Optimise political situation Prepare for 2020 elections South Sudan 3 South Sudan Discuss common projects in political, economic and military-technical spheres Carry out investigat­ions Comoros Islands Consult over the possibilit­y of winning control of disputed territorie­s by using political technologi­es 5 Madagascar Victory in the second round by Andry Rajoelina, candidate for president, supported by the Company [Rajoelina denies receiving any assistance] 4 4 Zimbabwe Political consultati­ons with ruling ANC party about forthcomin­g parliament­ary elections in 2019 Secure first round victory of xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Stabilise political situation, counteract protests, train police xxxx Produce and distribute biggest mass-selling newspaper (circulatio­n – 2m copies a month) Monitoring of public-political-social processes Currently consulting xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx of economic crisis Create new media Recommenda­tions on informatio­n politics Some names have been redacted Libya Chad Darfur Sudan Zambia Zimbabwe CAR DR Congo South Africa South Africa

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