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Liz Kendall to become first serving MP to have child by surrogacy

- Matthew Weaver

The shadow social care minister, Liz Kendall, is set to be the first serving MP to have a child through surrogacy.

The Leicester West MP said the baby was due in the new year via a surrogate mother after she and her partner had struggled to start a family.

In a statement to the Leicester Mercury, she said: “My partner and I are delighted to announce that we will be having a baby in the new year through surrogacy. It has been a really difficult time getting here, so we feel unbelievab­ly lucky and happier than we ever imagined.” She added: “We will be eternally grateful to our surrogate for making this possible.”

Kendall confirmed she would be taking maternity leave in the new year. She said: “I’ll be taking leave from work to make the most of this precious time with the newest member of our family. But I want to reassure my constituen­ts that my office will remain fully open throughout, and my whole team will continue to provide the very best help and support to local residents.”

After announcing the news, she told the Spectator of her fertility struggle, which included two miscarriag­es. She said: “We have been through a lot to get here, but it really is happening now, and we’ve been telling people this week.”

Last month during a Commons debate on free hormone replacemen­t therapy (HRT), Kendall, 50, described experienci­ng the pain of the onset of the menopause. She said she had “no idea what was going on” after being exhausted and aching overnight.

Oona King, a former Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, had a baby through a surrogate in 2013 when she was a member of the House of Lords.

It is believed Kendall will be the first sitting MP to have a child through surrogacy. She rose to prominence in the Labour leadership contest of 2015 after the resignatio­n of Ed Miliband. She came fourth in the race.

 ?? ?? ▲ Labour MP Liz Kendall said: ‘We’ve been through a lot to get here’
▲ Labour MP Liz Kendall said: ‘We’ve been through a lot to get here’

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