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Delia causes a stir over Ramsay’s swearing


DELIA Smith has ticked off fellow TV chef Gordon Ramsay for being foulmouthe­d.

The cookery queen praised Jamie Oliver and, despite the fact she dislikes watching people eat on television, Nigella Lawson.

But she said of Ramsay: “That’s not teaching. I like him when he does his recipes, but I’m not keen on his swearing.”

She said: “Jamie is brilliant and has done more than anyone. I enjoy Nigella – she has such a passion for food. I don’t usually like seeing people eat on TV, but when she does it’s sexy and it works.”

Smith, 66, said she regretted the prim image she had when she made HowTo Cook, the back-to-basics series that even demonstrat­ed how to boil an egg.

She said: “HowTo Cook sort of fails because there are still people afraid of cooking.

“Looking back at my career in TV, I wouldn’t do the same again. Everything had to be perfect, and that isn’t necessaril­y me.”

She also accused restaurant­s of churning out too many copycat meals. She told the Radio Times: “In the 1970s there were lots of restaurant­s run by gifted amateurs. Now food has become like fashion – all the top designers and chefs are copied in the High Street.

“Everyone is trying to do cheffy stuff, with ‘drizzles’ and jus. My idea of a treat is one of the restaurant­s at our football club, our local pub, or a really good curry.”

However, the squeakycle­an image of the TV chef – also a director of Norwich City football club – was shattered when she was captured on camera shouting “Let’s be having’ you! Come on!” to fans in a fevered attempt to get them behind their team.

She said: “It was grim, but it changed my image for the better, made me more human.”

 ??  ?? DELIA: Praises Nigella.
DELIA: Praises Nigella.

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