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Peacekeepe­r missing in Sudan raid


PARIS: A French soldier in the European peacekeepi­ng force in Chad is missing and another was hurt in a cross-border incident in Sudan. It was the first casualty for the 14-nation force known as Eufor that is shielding Darfur refugees.

Commander Christophe Prazuck said a French soldier was missing after his light vehicle mistakenly strayed into Sudan. A second French soldier was rescued wounded, he said. Their vehicle was destroyed.

Commandant Dan Harvey, spokesman for Eufor, said a navigation­al error resulted in the vehicle straying into the Tissi area, where the borders of Chad, Sudan, and Central African Republic meet. A recovery attempt met with hostile fire, he said.

Prazuck said other vehicles went to help when they heard gunfire. They found the destroyed vehicle and rescued one soldier.

Eufor is protecting Darfur refugees, thousands of whom have streamed into Chad. About 600 soldiers are in place with another 1200 peacekeepe­rs to be deployed this month.

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