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25 YEARS AGO MR GEORGE Younger, Secretary of State for Scotland, has called in a planning applicatio­n that seeks permission to demolish listed buildings in the Glasgow Central conservati­on area. Hunting Gate Developmen­ts Ltd has plans to demolish properties at Wellington Street,West George Street and West George Lane for office developmen­t. Objections have already been received from a number of organisati­ons including the New Glasgow Society, the Scottish Civic Trust, the Scottish Georgian Society, the Glasgow Institute of Architects, the Glasgow Guardian’s Committee and the Royal Fine Arts Committee for Scotland. 50 YEARS AGO PEOPLE at Westminste­r have been trying without success to recall a recent occasion on which the front bench spokesmen for a national department on both sides of the House – and on one side in the Lords – have all been Scotsmen or members for a Scottish constituen­cy.

Such, however, is the case in the Admiralty. There are three Scottish ministers – the First Lord, the Earl of Selkirk, and the two junior ministers in the Commons, Mr T Galbraith, the member for Hillhead, and Commander R Allan, who, although a London member, comes of the well-known Scottish ship-owning family. 100 YEARS AGO INDIGNATIO­N was expressed at Motherwell Town Council at the alleged neglect of the county authoritie­s to report to the burgh authoritie­s an outbreak of scarlet fever at a farm in the Middle Ward, the milk from which was then sent to Motherwell. Eight families are alleged to have contracted the fever in consequenc­e. 150 YEARS AGO A PARAGRAPH going the rounds to the effect that Miss Madeleine Smith had arrived in Australia is not true.

Miss Smith has never changed her place of residence since she left this neighbourh­ood. It is now to be hoped that there is an end of gossiping newspaper paragraphs on this subject. 200 YEARS AGO TWO London fishing smacks bound for Shetland put into Shields harbour, the master of one of which reports he was chased for some time by a large privateer mounting 14 guns.

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