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Secrecy fears over police cuts talks


CONCERNS are growing about Police Scotland’s apparent lack of transparen­cy over potential cuts caused by its £188 million shortfall.

The Scottish Informatio­n Commission­er Rosemary Agnew said paymasters must be allowed to discuss cuts in private to protect the force from “public speculatio­n”. It comes after the Scottish Police Authority was accused of concealing police spending plans. TERRORISM is among the possible causes of a Russian plane crash that killed 92 passengers and crew shortly after taking off from a Black Sea resort.

The country’s transport minister, Maxim Sokolov, arriving in Sochi, said it was among an “entire spectrum” of explanatio­ns that would form part of the investigat­ion into the disaster.

The Tu-154 plane plunged into the sea after leaving the former Winter Olympics host city yesterday with an ensemble of musicians who were planning to perform for Russian troops in Syria. Others on board included a charity boss and journalist­s who were due to cover the event.

On Tuesday, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was shot dead at a photo exhibition in Ankara by an off-duty policeman who shouted: “We die in Aleppo, you die here.”

Crews found at least one body from the plane and ships, helicopter­s and drones were searching the areas less than a mile from land.

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