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Drone owners given strict rules warning


NEW drone owners have been warned about the risk of flying the devices as soon as they unwrap them this Christmas.

Police and aviation authoritie­s urged users to read up on strict rules about the remotecont­rolled gadgets before taking them for a spin.

In April a British Airways passenger jet with 135 people on board flying from Geneva to London was struck by a drone on its approach to landing.

The operators of the device are not thought to have been caught by police. It was one of 59 cases of near misses involving the mini-helicopter­s over the past year.

Drones must not fly above 400ft or within 150ft of people or property.

Those caught flying drones dangerousl­y face an unlimited fine and up to five years’ in jail.

Last week the Government announced plans to introduce measures to crack down on reckless drone users after the string of near-misses.

In November the Civil Aviation Authority launched a website to publish its code of conduct for drone users, labelled the dronecode.

Steve Landells, of the British Airline Pilots’ Associatio­n, told people receiving drones as festive presents to educate themselves about the rules.

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