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Why not reduce meat from diet?


LIVESTOCK’S Long Shadow was published by the United Nations Food and Agricultur­e Organisati­on as long ago as December 2006. The major finding of this study was that farm animals account for 18 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions: by comparison, all forms of transport account for only 13 per cent of these gases. In the intervenin­g 10 years, many of us have chosen to buy cars with better fuel consumptio­n, or electric cars, and more of us are using trains, with a smaller carbon footprint, instead of flying. In the last year there has been a fall of seven per cent in sales of meat in this country, but perhaps more of us could consider reducing or eliminatin­g meat from our diets?

There are additional benefits of moving to a plant-based diet, including more efficient farming, increased antibiotic security, reduced infection from E. coli and other pathogens and reduced risk of many forms of cancer. James Boyle, Riverside Park, Netherlee.

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