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Parliament employee sues after litter slip


AN EMPLOYEE is suing the Scottish Parliament for compensati­on after slipping on a piece of litter.

The employee injured their left hip after the accident in the building’s service yard in November last year.

But politician­s have criticised the worker’s claim as part of the compensati­on culture that is growing in the UK.

MSP Miles Briggs said there is nothing that can be done about stray litter at Holyrood in Edinburgh.

The parliament’s accident log said the member of staff, who is unnamed, “slipped on a small piece of wind-blown street litter”.

It adds that “no defects or cleaning problems found”.

The worker is now pursuing a claim against the parliament and it has been passed on to an insurance company.

Mr Briggs, Lothian region Conservati­ve MSP, said: “People don’t like this compensati­on culture we are building in the UK.

“Where there is something that has gone seriously wrong it’s understand­able, but when it’s about a piece of litter it seems a bit ridiculous.

“It’s difficult to see what the parliament could really do about stray litter.

“We are opening a Pandora’s Box if people are able to seek compensati­on for slipping on a bit of litter. “Where would it stop?” The parliament’s accident log reveals further accidents involving staff members in the building.

There have been three accidents in the parliament shop, including one where a worker simply bumped their head on a shelf after failing to pay attention to what they were doing.

Between November 13 last year and November 8 this year, 34 accidents have been recorded in total.

A Holyrood spokesman said: “Health and safety is a priority for the parliament and we aim to provide a safe environmen­t for all occupiers and visitors.”

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