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Britain’s green spaces ‘degraded’


BRITAIN’S green spaces have been massively degraded, the president of the Royal Geographic­al Society (RGS) has said.

Although more than 98 per cent of the country has not been built on, farming for wind and sun and the planning of motorways and heavy utilities have changed the natural environmen­t, geographer Nicholas Crane added.

He said the landscape imagined by historian William Hoskins in the 1950s had changed dramatical­ly.

Mr Crane said: “The real problem we are facing is not that we have not got lots of green space left, it is that it is massively degraded in terms of quality.”

He said the countrysid­e had changed “so green space does not mean the kind of green space, the countrysid­e that Hoskins imagined for example back in the 50s, would have regarded as green space when he wrote The Making Of The English Landscape”.

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