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Rail staff the whipping boys


I ENDORSE the views pronounced by Tom Harris (“Former rail minister slates Labour campaign on fares”, The Herald, December 24) and your leader comment (“Labour’s tough task to get back on track”, The Herald, December 24) on the wide issue of railway problems both real and perceived and the sundry cures put forward, not the least being the nonsense of a free week’s travel accompanie­d by a fares rise. But this has been a dreadful year for political point-scoring over the rail industry in Scotland. Is it too much to ask that ScotRail and Network Rail be left to get on with the job?

As a former British Rail employee I know full well that the railways, in general, have been a whipping boy for decades. The constant barrage of criticism is dishearten­ing to all railway employees who are, by and large and as ever, doing their best. John Macnab, 175 Grahamsdyk­e Street, Laurieston, Falkirk.

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