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Firmaimsto fuel growth with Internet of Things


A LANARKSHIR­E company is aiming for growth after launching an Internet of Things-enabled vehicle identifica­tion system that helps fleet operators, such as bus companies, hauliers and local authoritie­s, to track crucial data.

The “Vinie” product has been developed by Bellshill-based FUELlink Systems over the past 12 months with assistance from the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems (Censis). Taxpayer-funded Censis, which aims to bring together commercial innovation and academic research, noted that Vinie used Bluetooth technology to automatica­lly check vehicles’ identifica­tion, allowing buses, vans, cars, and trucks to be refuelled more quickly and securely.

Censis added that, combined with FUELlink’s fuel management system, the product could accurately check odometer readings, required by bus companies for rebate claims. It added that data could be used to calculate miles driven per gallon, allowing fleet operators to detect fuel tank leaks or benchmark efficiency. The Vinie device can provide vehicles’ fuel tank levels at the point of fuelling.

FUELlink director John Ashley said: “Any time that can be saved in refuelling can translate into significan­t savings.

“But there’s a lot more to it than that. Vinie also offers security benefits by checking vehicle ID – theft of fuel is still a fairly common occurrence for organisati­ons with on-site pumps. When combined with complement­ary technologi­es, Vinie can also help vehicle operators be much more efficient with their plant, through the setting of miles per gallon targets, or hours worked per litre, and detecting possible leakages in their fuel tanks – which can save them money in the long term.”

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