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Sir David blames fish farms for plight of salmon


FROM Blue Planet to the most recent Dynasties series, Sir David Attenborou­gh’s beautiful and emotional nature documentar­ies have left millions spellbound.

But now the naturalist has turned his attention to the plight of wild salmon – blaming fish farms for one of the reasons they are on the verge of extinction in many rivers.

The 92-year-old’s authoritat­ive tones describe the plight of the “King of Fish” in a video produced for Salmon and Trout Conservati­on Scotland (STC).

In the hard-hitting video, which lasts 2 mins 58 secs, Sir David said the salmon’s journey was one of the “most thrilling spectacles in the natural world”.

“But now the survival of these astonishin­g fish is at risk,” he warns.

“Dams blocking their rivers, over-exploitati­on, pollution of the water, the spread of parasites, diseases and fish escaping from open cage salmon farms – all these together with the inevitable effects of climate change are threatenin­g their very survival.

“The Internatio­nal Year of the Salmon will help us kick-start efforts to reduce man-made impacts, restore their habitats and so ensure we don’t lose the King of Fish forever.”

STC says Sir David gave his time freely because he felt so passionate about the plight of wild salmon.

“For Internatio­nal Year of the Salmon, we asked Sir David for his views on the need to protect the species,” it said.

“We say that to save wild salmon, government­s across the northern hemisphere need to act now.

“The video gives a very clear message about this, if we are not going to lose the ‘King of Fish’ for ever.”

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