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Group starts fight for change on wind farms


A GROUP has launched a campaign for a policy change on wind farm applicatio­ns .

Save Our Hills is mounting a nationwide appeal to persuade decision-makers in local authoritie­s and within government to slow the spread of onshore developmen­ts.

The campaigner­s said while they were supportive of green energy, the time had come to look at alternativ­es.

Save Our Hills has a steering group of 12 people in south-west Scotland, but said it will now work to expand to other areas, particular­ly those popular with wind farm developers such as Perth and Kinross and Aberdeensh­ire.

Iain Milligan, the group’s spokesman, said: “Scotland is in the process of considerin­g what its energy future may look like, and that’s a perfectly reasonable thing for any government to do. But communitie­s, particular­ly in the south-west, are at saturation point with onshore wind farm developmen­t.

“We feel it’s time for other sources to be investigat­ed. People have had enough and will not put up with the further spread of enormous wind farms.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “Assessing the effect on landscape forms a key part of all wind farm applicatio­ns, and is fully considered together with cultural heritage, economic and community effects.

“Our planning and consenting system ensures local communitie­s have their say and all applicatio­ns for wind farm developmen­ts are subject to consultati­on with the public and statutory and local bodies, including community councils.”

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