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Man faces jail term for vile sex attacks on girl that were filmed by his wife


A SEX attacker repeatedly raped a girl – as his wife filmed the abuse.

Damien and Mary Mccann preyed on the victim, who was as young as 10 at the time. A judge heard how Mary Mccann “encouraged” her sick husband.

The child’s ordeal finally ended when police swooped after a tip-off – but Damien Mccann, 35, claimed the girl was “happy” during the attacks.

He now faces a lengthy jail term after he admitted raping the girl between May 2016 and January 2019 at a house in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Mary Mccann, 39, also faced the accusation­s, but she took her own life in January 2020.

Police raided the couple’s home initially in connection with an indecent images probe. A mobile phone and laptop were seized. Damien Mccann admitted he used the “dark web” to look up “extreme pornograph­y”. However, officers went on to uncover footage of the horrific abuse of the girl.

Prosecutor Angela Gray said: “A female voice – identified as Mary Mccann – can be heard encouragin­g him.”

Detectives went on to find a total of 20 vile clips of Mccann raping the girl with the “majority” filmed by his wife. Damien Mccann confessed to the abuse when quizzed by police. It also emerged Damien Mccann had sexually assaulted another young child. He also pleaded guilty to that, as well as admitting the possession and distributi­on of indecent images. Damien Mccann further admitted having more than 200 video clips and photos of what was described as “extreme pornograph­y”.

Mccann will be sentenced on March 24 in Edinburgh.

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