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Art That Made Us BBC2, 9pm

War forces artists to grapple with destructio­n and challenge convention­s, while those fleeing war bring new ideas to wherever they end up settling. The latest edition of this series looks at how the World Wars influenced art, as contempora­ry war photograph­er Oliver Chanarin traces the story of William Orpen’s subversive protest image, To the Unknown British Soldier in France, picturing a lone draped coffin amid the magnificen­ce of the Palace of Versailles where peace delegates met in 1919. Plus, artist Ryan Gander examines how sculptor Barbara Hepworth tried to make sense of war by reaching for beauty in abstract human forms. And finally, Denzil Forrester looks ahead to the post-colonial aftermath of war.

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars BBC1, 9pm

Who will Gordon choose to be his first ever Future Food Star and the recipient of his £150,000 investment? All will be revealed at the end of tonight final show, but before that, the fiery chef drills down on the contestant­s’ businesses to find out whose product is worthy of his cash. After giving them world-renowned experts to help turn their products around, the next step is to launch their new brands. Then, it’s the most dramatic grilling of their lives, as each of the finalists try to convince Gordon to back them.

Taskmaster Channel 4, 9pm

It’s the midway point of the series and Bridget Christie leads the race to win Greg Davies’ revered golden noggin. But there’s still all to play for as the five comics have another bash at impressing the fearsome Taskmaster and earning precious points. While Ardal O’hanlon straddles a mannequin, Judi Love demands access to a puppy. Plus, Sophie Duker asks a very good question, and Chris Ramsey takes a sausage to the nostril. All that, and Greg’s tiny secretary Alex Horne shows off his mastery of mimicry.

Chivalry Channel 4, 10pm

Despite tackling a sensitive and topical subject – gender politics in the post-#metoo world – Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani’s timely comedy drama has been a thought-provoking joy. It draws to a close tonight as Coogan’s old-school Hollywood film producer Cameron and Solemani’s Indie darling film director Bobby are forced to confront their values and their feelings for each other. Can she finally convince him that women should be treated with respect and will the film they’ve been working on further her career?

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