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Project to question whether it is possible to ‘have it all’ in farming

- By Neale Mcquistin

A NEW project, enlisting the support of Scottish farmers, is aiming to prove that productivi­ty and environmen­tal delivery can go hand in hand.

Sheep and beef specialist­s from SAC Consulting Poppy Frater and Lesley Wylie will be leading a project with four farmers across Scotland this year, looking at how they can combine efficient livestock production with biodiversi­ty and climatecha­nge benefits.

Poppy Frater said: “Often, environmen­talbased approaches to farming come with a negative impact on agricultur­al production – we either leave land for biodiversi­ty or might compromise production per hectare with lighter stocking rates or slower growth rates for environmen­tal reasons.

“However, food production is still an important public service. We are running this project to question whether we can ‘have it all’, by using methods such as agroforest­ry, deferred grazing and diverse pasture swards.”

To help prove the point one of the four participat­ing farms,

Oakwood Mill, run by Giles and Stuart Henry, has fantastic wildflower and insect population­s on deferred grazing land, yet the cows are outwintere­d cost-effectivel­y and the majority of youngstock sold finished at 19 months, off grass.

Market round-up

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 439 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday.

There were 120 prime lambs sold to average 296p/kg or £137 per head. Top prices were £154 on four occasions for pens of Texels and 320p for a pair of Beltex.

The 160 prime hoggs were easily cashed if they were well fleshed and averaged 258p (+3p). Top in the hoggs was

£151 for heavyweigh­t Texels and 288p for pens of Texels and Beltex.

Cast sheep peaked at £190 for Suffolk tups, while Suffolk ewes sold to £168. Mule ewes sold to £131 with Cheviots to £130.

C&D Auction Marts held its sale of prime stock in Dumfries yesterday where prime cattle sold easily to 295p/kg for Limousin cross heifers.

Beef type OTMS sold to 240p/kg and to £1,540 for Simmentals, while dairy cows peaked at 176p and £1,311.

Prime lambs were easily sold to average 320p/kg and peaked at £146 for Suffolks with Texels selling to £145.

Prime hoggs that were well fleshed sold well and peaked at £127.

Cast sheep sold to £161 for a Texel tup, while

Texel ewes cashed in at £160. Cheviot ewes sold to £145 with Blackfaces to £125.

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 764 sheep at its annual sale of dry hoggets and hoggs with lambs at foot, in conjunctio­n with its fortnightl­y sale of ewes and lambs.

Top price was for a pen of Texel hoggs with single lambs at £127 per life. Dry hoggs sold to £137 for Mules with Texels to

£134. Ewes with lambs at foot peaked at £119 per life for Texels.

 ?? ?? Newton Stewart mart
Newton Stewart mart

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