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Out­law King. There is good rea­son for that, says Macken­zie.

“Loudoun Hill was a ma­jor turn­ing point and a kind of re­hearsal for Ban­nock­burn. But it [Ban­nock­burn] was eight years later in a to­tally dif­fer­ent time­frame. In a way, if we ever get to make the se­quel, we can do that. It is enough of a story to have that one bat­tle [Loudoun Hill] and it is in­tense enough on its own terms. It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Does Macken­zie think his film might change peo­ple’s views of Bruce – even just to come away from watch­ing it know­ing a lit­tle more about the story?

“It de­mythol­o­gises in some way and in­forms in an­other way,” he says. “You get a clearer pic­ture of who Robert was and can maybe then read a cou­ple of his­tory books to get to know even more about it. We ob­vi­ously can’t cover ev­ery­thing about him and it is a work of drama – it isn’t a work of his­tory.”

While he al­ludes that the point in Bruce’s story where Out­law King fin­ishes gives scope for a se­quel, Macken­zie is re­luc­tant to be drawn on that. “This has been a long jour­ney to get it this far and I’m not think­ing about a se­quel right now,” he chuck­les. “But, ob­vi­ously, the story does con­tinue.”

Out­law King is re­leased glob­ally on Net­flix from Fri­day, with a lim­ited cinema re­lease

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