Duck with ar­ti­chokes and as­para­gus Ver­sa­til­ity that’s sec­ond to none


WE all love duck, don’t we? Whether it be crispy duck from your favourite Chi­nese restau­rant or plain roast duck or even a lovely con­fit duck leg salad, it can be tasty what­ever way it’s done. Duck’s ver­sa­til­ity is sec­ond to none. In the restau­rant we use the breast and leg of duck in many dif­fer­ent ways. The im­por­tant thing about cook­ing the breast is that, as well as get­ting the skin crispy, in­side it has to be pink so that it is still moist and ten­der.

Serves 4 4 duck supreme

8-10 ar­ti­chokes

20-24 tips of as­para­gus

1 packet chives

1 packet spinach Pick and wash the spinach then fry at the last minute in a lit­tle but­ter. Cut and peel the as­para­gus tips, then cook in boil­ing salted wa­ter. Re­fresh them in iced salted wa­ter, then drain well as soon as cold.

Chop the chives finely. You can ei­ther buy ar­ti­chokes al­ready mar­i­nated in olive oil or you can turn your own then boil in a lit­tle boil­ing wa­ter and vine­gar to keep them from dis­colour­ing. Cut into even-sized pieces. When re­fresh­ing, just fry lightly in a lit­tle oil and then add chives at the last minute so still green.

Trim the duck fil­lets by tak­ing ex­cess fat and sinew off. Score the fat across and down, so when you put them in the hot fry­ing pan the fat will ren­der down while the duck is cook­ing. Again, achiev­ing a nice golden colour on the skin, turn over onto the skin side then place in the oven for about 8-10 min­utes. Then take out while they are still nice and pink in­side.

Put the spinach on the bot­tom of the plate. Mix the ar­ti­chokes with the as­para­gus and put a nice neat pile on top of the plate. Slice the duck evenly, place on top of the spinach. Pour sauce over.

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