Solv­ing the diesel dilemma

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IN SEP­TEM­BER 2015, the world of

diesel changed for­ever when news

broke that Volk­swa­gen had been

cov­er­ing up high emis­sions of ni­tro­gen ox­ides from its diesel ve­hi­cles. Since then, diesel’s come un­der a lot of pres­sure, with groups call­ing for it to be taxed or banned.

But diesel isn’t nec­es­sar­ily the bad guy.

For some buy­ers, it still makes a lot of sense. But how do you know?

Firstly, diesel cars are good for high­mileage driv­ers. Those do­ing more than 20,000 miles a year ben­e­fit from the in­creased fuel econ­omy a diesel pro­vides and over time they’ll save money.

Diesels are also ef­fi­cient when they’re warm. How­ever, they take a while to heat up, which means dur­ing the first 10 miles or so of any jour­ney, they’ll be in­ef­fi­cient and pol­lut­ing. That’s not good news if you un­der­take lots of jour­neys shorter than that, and it gets worse, too. Mod­ern pol­lu­tion con­trol sys­tems need the en­gines to be run­ning at a cer­tain rpm to func­tion. This is fine on the mo­tor­way but if your

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