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You don’t even know them. And then, when I take a deep breath, I re­alise: hang on a se­cond, that’s why we have wars, that’s why young men and young women are be­ing blown to pieces all over the place, be­cause peo­ple don’t take time and take a breath and say: ‘Well, maybe it wasn’t that guy’s fault. Maybe he had a bad day. And he wasn’t do­ing it to me. It wasn’t per­sonal.’”

Lund­gren is can­did when he talks about the im­pact his fa­ther’s be­hav­iour had on his own when he him­self be­came a fa­ther with his now ex-wife Anette Qviberg. Be­cause what does it mean when an abu­sive man is your pa­ter­nal role model?

“Yeah, it was dif­fi­cult for me. Luck­ily, I had two daugh­ters. There’s no sense of com­pe­ti­tion. But, yeah, I didn’t han­dle it well. I mean. I was al­ways lov­ing to them. I never beat them or any­thing.

“But I did abuse my­self. I was drink­ing too much. I was ab­sent a lot early on in their up­bring­ing and it was be­cause I was deal­ing with my own demons.

“But at some point, about 10 years ago, I started do­ing ther­apy and I started med­i­tat­ing. I be­came wiser about what had hap­pened, and I went back to them and I spoke to them and also my ex-wife and I asked for for­give­ness. I told them about my dad and they started cry­ing. Now they un­der­stand that, yes, a big strong guy like their dad can make mis­takes too. You can ask for for­give­ness for things you’ve done.”

Of course, be­fore Lund­gren even be­came a fa­ther you also need to fac­tor in fame and suc­cess into the mix. Un­ex­pected fame it must be said. “I don’t know why it hap­pened that quickly, but it did.”

Lund­gren met Grace Jones in Aus­tralia and soon was ac­com­pa­ny­ing her to Stu­dio 54, hang­ing out with Andy Warhol and try­ing out for a role in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill be­cause his girl­friend al­ready had a part in it. Next thing he knew he was cast in Rocky IV as Ivan “I must break you” Drago.

“Some­body said: ‘You got fa­mous overnight.’ And I said; ‘No, I got fa­mous in 90 min­utes.’ The movie lasted 90 min­utes. When I walked in no­body cared about me. They were tak­ing pic­tures of Grace Jones and try­ing to get me out of the way, so

I wouldn’t block the view.

“And then, as I was com­ing out, peo­ple were tak­ing pic­tures of me and it took me years to get over that. It’s not like I’d been an ac­tor wait­ing ta­bles, dream­ing of suc­cess. I’d been at MIT in Bos­ton a year and a half be­fore that, de­cid­ing to give up my schol­ar­ship.”

At the time his life was one of sex, drugs and disco in the days be­fore Aids started cut­ting swathes through the peo­ple he knew. He’s talked be­fore of Jones’s ap­petites: for drugs and group sex. The par­ty­ing life­style led to in­evitable clashes with Sylvester Stal­lone, who was act­ing and di­rect­ing Rocky IV and wanted his co-star to turn up early and bright-eyed (prefer­ably not chem­i­cally as­sisted).

Lund­gren was be­ing pulled in two

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