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It’s degree show season… and all around Scotand’s art schools, from Elgin to Galashiels, the fruits of several years’ labours by art students are going on display. The Glasgow School of Art’s School (GSA) of Fine Art is currently showcasing work by 135 students in a new home, the old Stow College in Garnethill – on display over five floors in the refurbishe­d Stow Building until 6pm tomorrow night.

The headline news is that painting is back with a vengeance at GSA. After several years of playing, “spot the painter”, this year, it is a case of “oh, look, another painter!”

Many of them working on a big scale. Degree Show surfing is an inexact science so with apologies to the painters who I missed but artists who caught my eye included; Lynsey Mackenzie who has kept things simple with three big paintings illustrati­ng confidence

and freedom in her use of paint and colour; Sean Ellcombe whose giant swirling canvases had a seventies/ mural feel; Kirsten Shanks whose tangle of cherubs in muted tones were creepily memorable and Pimpawan Wangamonmi­t – again working on a big scale with bold colourful paintings and a “mediation shrine” tied up with the transition of her native Thai culture.

Samantha Dick’s installati­on and performanc­e, The Doll’s House, is Insta-smart but with an attention to detail which reveals a perfection­ist’s eye on the bigger picture.

The Glasgow School of Art School of Fine Art Degree Show 2019, Stow Building, Shamrock Street, G4 9JZ, http://www. degree-show-2019-glasgow/ Until tomorrow (Jun 9), 10am-6pm

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