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What is it?

A feature-packed and sleek portable audio speaker.

Good points?

Weighing less than half a kilogram and stretching to 20cm in size, the Sonos Roam gives the perfect balance between function and portabilit­y. It’s comfortabl­e to hold thanks to its triangle shape that has been softened with almost squashed edges.

It can be orientated either flat on the ground or standing upright to use the space you have available. As it was designed to roam, it also features automatic True play technology and will retune itself whenever moved.

Sound quality is excellent once configured and, in keeping with the rest of Sonos’s products, allows you to calibrate the bass and treble to match your music tastes. This is a great touch as speakers commonly lean toward the bass to accommodat­e the masses.

Connectivi­ty is provided through WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple Air Play to accommodat­e most audio source devices. Voice control by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri provides seamless home integratio­n.

Bad points?

Ten hours of battery life seems like a long time and is sufficient for one session, but if you have a few days of light usage you will need to factor in recharging it again. Moving the device results in it automatica­lly tuning itself, which generally makes the bass a touch heavier.

Best for ...

Those who covet the flexibilit­y of a portable speaker and the audio power of a standalone unit. The option to link multiple devices together through WiFi will be ideal for those who already have Sonos equipment.

Avoid if ...

You seek a budget speaker: it packs a punch but that doesn’t come cheap.

Score: 8/10.

Sonos Roam, £159 (

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