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The Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as Stone of Scone, or in Gaelic Lia Fail, is a block of pale yellow sandstone measuring around 26in by 16in and weighing around 340 pounds. According to legend, it was brought to Scotland by Gaythelus, ancestor of the Gaels, who was married to Scota, an Egyptian princess.

It was traditiona­lly kept at Scone where John de Balliol was the last Scottish king to be crowned on it, in 1292. Four years later, it was seized by Edward I and taken to England.

Under the terms of the Treaty of Northampto­n in 1328, which ended the Scottish war of independen­ce, the stone was to be returned to Scotland, but it never happened and remained in England until 1996 (with some time in Scotland after it was taken from the Abbey in the 1950s). The stone is now in Edinburgh Castle but will be moved to Perth City Hall, above, in 2024.

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