Bible John pic­ture is artist’s im­pres­sion

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re­duc­ing en­ergy bills they will rise. Add the dif­fi­culty of chang­ing sup­plier and tech­ni­cal prob­lems and peo­ple will be glad that in­stalling a not-so-smart me­ter is not com­pul­sory.

The es­ti­mated cost to the con­sumer will be nearer £20 bil­lion than £11bn.

This whole ex­pen­sive ex­er­cise is a cover-up be­cause the Gov­ern­ment knows, but bla­tantly de­nies, that there will be an elec­tric­ity short­age as coal, gas and nu­clear power sta­tions are to close and be re­placed by more wind tur­bines that pro­duce part-time elec­tric­ity and so­lar that con­trib­utes lit­tle of any con­se­quence.

These clo­sures are to cut the UK’s CO2 emis­sions as dic­tated by the Cli­mate Change Act 2008 de­spite the UK only hav­ing 1.3 per cent of global emis­sions.

Time to kill off the Cli­mate Change Act 2008 and spend the money on the NHS, ed­u­ca­tion and re­duc­ing en­ergy bills.

Clark Cross Lin­lith­gow THE Bible John pic­ture keeps ap­pear­ing in The Her­ald and now The Her­ald on Sun­day (In Cold Blood, Novem­ber 18), and is al­ways wrongly de­scribed as a “photofit”.

The image was cre­ated by my late fa­ther GW Len­nox Pater­son, us­ing a fairly pi­o­neer­ing tech­nique, and was es­sen­tially a colour por­trait in gouache to be used in iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and for posters. He worked with CID of­fi­cers and var­i­ous wit­nesses (of many pro­fes­sions) from in and around the Bar­row­land Ball­room, to work up a like­ness that has un­for­tu­nately never been able to be tested. I clearly re­mem­ber he rel­ished the ex­pe­ri­ence.

Please re­fer to it in fu­ture as “an artist’s im­pres­sion”.

Si­mon Pater­son Glas­gow

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