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Brexit blow for our young


RON Mackay, in his column of March 28, and Michael Tolland, in his letter today (April 7) have been critical of the immigratio­n plans of the heartless Priti Patel. What both have failed to highlight is the worst threat of the recentlyad­opted points-based system which will effectivel­y condemn our young people to second-class status in their own country.

Freedom of movement within the EU does not require anyone to be particular­ly “intelligen­t and forwardthi­nking” in order to be welcomed into another EU jurisdicti­on. Brexit has now brought us a points-based system which effectivel­y retains freedom of movement for those who can command higher salaries but denies it to others, leaving low-skilled, lower-paid occupation­s to be filled exclusivel­y by our indigenous population with no requiremen­t to achieve a high rating for intelligen­ce and forward thinking.

What employer is going to invest in training and career developmen­t of our school leavers when a ready supply of “oven-ready” well-educated immigrants is available? Our young people face a future in which they are likely to be streamed in the direction of the lower-paid, often seasonal, jobs which immigrants were previously more than willing to occupy.

Watch out for the introducti­on of harvesting and fruit-picking into our school curriculum.

Willie Maclean, Milngavie.

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The recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2019 was 63.2%.

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