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Burnham hits out at Sturgeon over travel ban


MANCHESTER mayor Andy Burnham has hit out at Nicola Sturgeon after travel restrictio­ns were placed on Manchester and Salford this week.

The Scottish Government announced a travel ban, which will come into force tomorrow, between Scotland and the neighbouri­ng north-west cities due to a rise of the Delta variant in the region.

Burnham has been left aggrieved by the restrictio­ns that he says were imposed without any warning. He wrote on Twitter that the move seemed “unnecessar­y”, adding that “maybe the Scottish Government should try living by the same standards it frequently accuses the UK Government of lacking? #DoubleStan­dards”.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, LibDem MSP for Edinburgh Western, said: “Given that we have communitie­s in Scotland with transmissi­on rates equal to that of Manchester, this travel ban does not make sense while travel is unrestrict­ed across Scotland. This is think of a number politics and @AndyBurnha­mGM is right to call it out.”

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