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Brexit puts brakes on charity’s poppy sales


THE Royal British Legion will no longer sell poppies in the European Union due to red tape following Brexit, according to reports.

The charity, which provides support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, is said to have sent an email to supporters stating it will “need to cease sales to customers in countries in the EU” for the foreseeabl­e future until legislatio­n surroundin­g Brexit is reviewed.

Reports suggest the charity could not justify the expense, including customs charges, to send poppies overseas following Britain’s departure from the EU’s customs union on January 1.

But the charity said post-Brexit regulation­s would only affect sales to the EU from its online Poppy Shop and would not impact the distributi­on of poppies to Royal British Legion (RBL) members in Europe for remembranc­e activities.

Poppies are worn in October and November for Armistice Day, and the charity sells them to raise money for members of the armed forces, veterans and their families.

The RBL also sells a range of poppy jewellery, clothing and accessorie­s through its online Poppy Shop.

In a statement, a spokespers­on for the RBL said: “The RBL’s distributi­on of paper poppies to the EU is not affected as a result of the UK leaving the European Union.

“Goods sold by our online Poppy Shop to customers in the EU will be subject to the local rate of VAT and customs fees from July 1.”

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