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Labour to pressure PM over planning reforms


LABOUR will attempt to heap pressure on Boris Johnson over planning reforms by calling on backbench rebels to support the opposition in a Commons vote.

Sir Keir Starmer’s party has tabled a debate calling for the Prime Minister to change one of the most controvers­ial proposals by giving communitie­s more sight of planning applicatio­ns.

Senior Conservati­ves have increased their warnings over the proposed reforms after the Liberal Democrats snatched the Tory stronghold of Chesham and Amersham this week.

Labour’s Opposition Day motion on Monday will not be binding on the Government but the Prime Minister would be under pressure to rethink his proposals if a significan­t number of Tories vote with Labour.

Shadow communitie­s and local government secretary Steve Reed said: “Good developmen­t can only happen when developers and communitie­s work together, but the Developers’ Charter will gag local residents from having their say.”

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